NaPoWriMo Journey : Day 1 to Day 5

As you know, April is the month of poetry. Poets all over the worlds are participating on a poem a day challenge. I have been following this challenge, so religiously. In the name of poetry and in order to make my synapses going.

I have been writing 5 poems so far, some of them are late poem and I will put some rationales to this.

Inside Out
Day 1 Poem

A reflective poem I wrote to myself as a reminder to slow down and be wise when facing a problem

artwork by @mellacar from We Heart It

Looking inside out
At all the wires that dangle from my brain
The puzzles of fear that stop me from becoming true to my own self

Looking inside out
At the demons that proclaim my mind
an empty vessel they call a comfortable home
Imploring my emotions they hoist a flag to fragile territories in me

Looking inside out
Passersby, plosive noises
Unfriendly encounters
They all find ways to irate me

How did it all start?

Why do I bother and
allow the unkindness
rule me?

Looking inside out
I can only find me
Although it is difficult to see
But I am bigger than my body

What do you see of me
Day 2 Poem

I just need to vent out the emotions I have

What do you see of me?
Am I only just a body

Am I
The shape in your man-made fantasy
The hidden curves you have been wanting to see

Do I look like a helpless prey
The victim of your story
Another one from your conquest?

An erased number from the phonebook
Another roadblock on the highway
A heavy baggage of inconvenience
A difficult maintenance to handle

Should I stop explaining myself to you
Should I stop wanting you too see me through
Those lover's eyes couldn't afford to see more
Despite what they have seen
Underneath it all

So let us exit as equals 
in this inevitable withdrawal

The Copywriter
Day 3 poem
I work as a copywriter. There are some good days and bad days and this poetry is inspired by my worst. The fact is there are many cases where advertising executive die of overworking.
There once lived a copywriter who constantly looked irate
She spent her morning crying on a big yellow couch
Because every day felt like a death sentence to her
She escaped today yet she returned the next day, still alive
At twenty four, her eyebags had grown darker
With empty cups of coffee in her hand
and a half can redbull on her table
She pondered to the night sky
Tracing decisions after decision
like they were written out in the stars
Those that led her to the working desk
she has just been adjusted to
Wondering if dreams aren't made sweet like spun sugar
If her pretend creativity will due
And she is running out of it all
Where will she go next to take refuge?
The City
Day 4 Poem

I wrote this poem in a bathroom. I start a new job by this week and I feel good about it. I know I will have a new and bigger responsibility, but so far all signs show good signs. Previously, I have written a poem about how hard it is to fit into Jakarta, but now it seems like I have part of myself in the merciless metropolis.

Somehow your skyscrapping frame
don't make me think of falling
Somehow the names on the big marquees
No longer intimidate me
Somehow you lend me that strength
Of steel and concrete
That rise from your ground
Somehow you make me
out of what you are made of
There are days
when you are going to rock me
to the edge
But I am all armed
and prepared
Now that I am what you are made of

A poem should be written like a love letter
Day 5 poem
Because I am sick and tired of the people who claim themselves poets for publicity

A Poem should be written like a love letter
Keep it hidden and discreet
and shy
It should show
what we are underneath
It should rinse 
all the tongue-twisted vocabulary
cleanse ego and vanity and 
start to celebrate 
the joy from 
Humiliate yourself 
poetry is an art of magic
Like Houdini
Free yourself from the chains 
that hold you back
If you should finish a poem 
don't write your name on it
hide the poem inside a locker of a stranger 
or a person who needs it the most
Let the poetry blossom
And your name will catch up 
in the right pace


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