The truth about your crush

The reason why your crush doesn't answer you
is because you look pathetic when you are in love

Mistake your gut as an empty stomach
A locked chest of a rusty drawer
A cold bed inside a vacant motel room

You can go on and on
Giving a body to loneliness
Borrowing the saddest words
from your vocabulary
Use them as an emotional spotlight
So everybody pays attention
To the dab of salt
The stream of water
running down your cheek

When your crush doesn't answer you
is because you act the way you shouldn't

Like begging on a sidewalk, (but you have everything you need)
Like carrying a hollow center, (but you are a whole)
Like falling towards the wrong gravity, (but you have a perfect pair of legs to stand on)
Like unappealing, pure grossness, (but you are just fine)

The person you admire secretly
wakes up into a grey sky morning
Reaches his hand to the empty side of the bed
He is probably too busy repairing what's been broken
Like those legs of the empty chair
Like cracks on the fortress' wall
Like a jammed drawer
Like his goddamn heart

You always think
that you won't fit on the chair
But you'll lend a hand anyway
You'll push the emergency door
Because you're a fixer

you don't
have to
be anything to him

The reason why your crush doesn't answer is
because he wasn't meant to
because he shouldn't


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