Things that counts in 2016

Hi all,

I have actually have written something to wrap up 2016, but I deleted it, simply because it didn't really represent this year. I feel like I was holding back when I wrote it and there was a recent event that added up to the year.

Okay, here we go I will list one by one... hold your breath guys

Volunteering and organizing Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye show in Jakarta
Reading my poem in front of audience in Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye show in Jakarta
Actually meeting my idols and work with them
Getting featured in the Jakarta Post
Visiting the first deaf cafe and meet new people
Getting a new job and having new colleagues from all over the world... all the way to Scotland
Reunited with old friends
Going to the Java Jazz Festival for the first time
Hosting the first poetry show with Valentine theme
Actually reading my intimate poem to the public
Receiving another mile from recovering an old wound
Gaining new connections and creating friendships
Meeting and presenting to the client
Being given bigger responsibilities at work
Starting a new project with a person named Ebee
Having a feud with a colleague
Eventually making up with that particular colleague
Organizing Shakespeare in a Cup with British Council
Turning 24
Visiting Malaysia again for 3 days
Going back to my old campus and receiving advices from lecturers I look up too
Eating nasi lemak at my favorite place
Had an awkward Tinder date that didn't last well
Going to parts of KL that I used to live in
Having to try jacuzzi on top of an exclusive apartment
Ramadhan, and I turned my fasting days void because I watched too much of Tom Hardy's movies
Lebaran and went back to my hometown for 7 days
Sleeping back in my old room and watching Tom Hardy movies in repeat
Having to organize Noise Worth Hearing with @america
Working with US spokenword Poet, Reggie Cabico
My Tigress was published and introduced as a real book by Letterplatters
Going to a wedding with someone I secretly like
Going to a romantic forest wedding with someone I secretly like (once is not enough)
Organizing my poetry book launching
Confronting someone from the past (because I had to)
Asking out someone I secretly like for a dinner and he said yes
Submitting Tigress for UWRF book launch... and got rejected
Applying for U.S Visa, already spent so much money... and then got rejected
UWRF called and notify me that there was still a spot for book launch
I said yes to that
Organizing a poetry show with Galeri Indonesia Kaya
Organizing an independent poetry slam
Actually being a winner of that slam but they didn't count me because I was the organizer so yea...
Getting back to Muay Thai
Trying out other fitness regimes like Belly Dance
Trying out other fitness regimes like Advanced Hip Hop and failed miserably
Going back to Ubud
Coming to Ubud Writers and Readers Festival as speaker and actually have the writer's pass
Spending a 1,5 hour ojek ride from Ubud to Denpasar
Going back to Jakarta to fulfil a state palace invitation
Closing UWRF beautifully with my book launching
Making new friends from all over the world
Meeting old friends from Malaysia
Making friends with poets and writes all over the world, including U.S artist, Emi Mahmoud.
Taking my parents to Ubud so they can see what I do is pretty cool and I am serious about it.
Resuming my activity with my awesome work colleagues
Sending my mother to her heart surgery
Having to burn bridges with a close friend
Having a heartbreak and didn't sleep for a day
No, this one is a real heartbreak that makes me cry and wail
Making a vlog
Actually finding a new crush to temporary fill the hole in my heart
Organizing and hosting the last Unmasked stage
Saying goodbye to people I hold dear the most
Having a wonderful fling with one eye-candy stranger
Doing something superficial in one night
Rediscovering my sexuality
Feeling like a motherfucking goddess
Brutally surviving a goodbye

I think I am going off to Jogya for that
Don't really think of going to Jogya

Maybe I'll go home, instead.

I don't know
At this point (Monday, 26th December, 9.13 am Jakarta time) I will probably be spending New Year in Jakarta (again), either with friends or family.

But I don't mind that.
It seems like the city that tries to continuously rejects and be oh-so-awful, has shown its soul.

and of course in between, these major moments, there are small learnings.

I am getting closer with my family and friends. If there is anything I bound to learn this year would be bravery and courage. The courage to put everything at stake to Tigress. (I invest a lot for my baby)
The courage to stand up for my feeling.

Spirituality? Yes, I think so. Like Kate Tempest said,

I am going closer to my essence everyday.

I hope you too have a good year too, friend.

See you in 2017!


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