30-day blog challenge : Day 6

I took the liberation to change the post header, because they have given me eyesore.

Anyway, this is interesting, because I am going to write 30 interesting facts about my boring self.

What are your expectation, peeps? How do you define 'interesting'?

  1. I am the runner up of Lomba Cerpen Kawanku 2008
  2. I have a teddy bear named Bosi and I talk to him everyday
  3. I have never been in a relationship, my whole life
  4. Before a copywriter, I was an account executive
  5. I used to write for big clients such as Garnier and Pizza Hut (with small paycheck)
  6. I love Muay Thai
  7. I love Power Rangers, I am still a big fan!
  8. My favorite musicians are India.Arie and Sara Bareilles
  9. My favorite movies are Before Sunset, Inside Out, the DUFF and actually there are many of them
  10. My favorite animals are kittens, big felines and baby orangutans
  11. My favorite books so far, are Partikel by Dee Lestari and The Mango Season
  12. My favorite poets are Sarah Kay, Maya Angelou, Kosal Khiev... and few other rappers.
  13. I cannot ride a bicycle, I cannot drive a car... I am lame
  14. Before I was born, my mother wanted to give me "Putri" as a first name. Putri is the name of my good friend and my Unmasked collaborator.
  15. I share the same first name with my best friend, Ayu Gurnitha
  16. I share the same middle/last name with my best friend, Aida Meuthia
  17. I write fan-fictions
  18. I could not speak English well, not at least when I was 20 years old. Believe me.
  19. I was INTP before I am ENFP
  20. My favorite writers are JK Rowling, Tina Fey, Lena Dunham, Kody Keplinger... and many badass women writer out there.
  21. Santorini is my first choice of honeymoon destination
  22. The second would be New York
  23. The third would be New Zealand
  24. The last time I measure my height, it is 145 centimeters and I cannot believe it myself. Why am I so short?
  25. My favorite dessert is ICE CREAM
  26. I am mistaken as a filipina a lot, maybe it is my English accent. But I don't mind though, Filipina is resilient, they have a neutral accent and they all can sing
  27. I took a vocal lesson when I was 13 and I have never used my singing ability to do anything
  28. I majored in science when I was in high school
  29. I have a fear of flying
  30. I have been through a C-section but I was not giving birth.
That's all of them!


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