30-day blog challenge : Day 9

It is day 9! It means we are one third to the end of September month. Now, we are going to talk about future. Nobody knows what the future holds, but we can start from today, so we can build the future we want. That's the thing I believe in.

If you are going to create a pink room, then you buy a pink paint. You don't buy a blue paint and expect the room to be pink.

What I am building today is different from what my other friends have in mind. Some of my friends have been married or having a career that is completely different than mine. Not few of them try to remind me how I should change my decision but I want.

I think I put liberation first more than anything. I choose a career that allows me to think creatively, well not really, because even in creative advertising you are most likely expected to follow the written brief or ready examples. But at least you meet creative-minded people. I choose to have a hobby aside from my career life.

Sometimes, I think even writing poetry is not filling enough for me. I want to read more. I want to learn Dutch. I want to be fit.

So, perhaps if I see my future and be consistent of what I am doing today I'll be a poet and a walking library who is fluent in Dutch and has a nice body shape.

But if I am consistent... anyway I am just trying not so worry about the future so much. I'll concentrate on today.


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