30-day blog challenge : Day 7

Today, I am going to discuss about my zodiac and how it fits my personality.

I am a Taurus. To be honest, I have many Taurus friends and I can see that we have different range of personalities.

Out of all traits we have, Stubbornness is the most famous one... our zodiac is represented by a bull, so go figure! I have known to be stubborn since I was a little. I do everything in my own way. I rarely take people's advices. I like to figure out things by my own. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. 

The good thing is you satisfy your curiosity and somehow you protect yourself from bad advices and quick judgement of people. It makes you to be self-reliant and that's good. 

The bad thing is you normally make reckless quick decision. You do not trust people easily. For most of the time, you feel misunderstood but it is actually your flaws because you never open up yourself to any body.

Another bad quality that we have is materialistic. I DISAGREE THOUGH!

Okay, yes, I used to be so materialistic when I was a teenager. When I was 13, all I wanted to wear are the stuffs I bought from Point Break, which was apparently a premium store for surfing brands from Australia. But actually, their products were mostly made in China and they are not really exclusive. It is just a regular surfing brand that Bali surfers wear for most of the time... and I didn't know why I loved them so much. I don't even surf. But I got so much swagga from wearing their t-shirt and bags or even flip-flops that costed like IDR 90.000 

For a flip-flop that is a rip-off.

But right now, I don't even care which brand I am wearing. I can go to thrift shop and buy clothes from there. 

But if you are saying materialistic = expensive taste. I think I do have expensive taste. Especially about food. I would rather buy an organic block of chocolate than the cheap one. I would spend extra for something more, for example, I hate taking a budget airlines. I will look at least for good deal so I can fly with full-serviced airline. 

I am that fancy.


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