30-day blog challenge : Day 1

I am currently single, and I must say I have been single for all my life. 24 years of singlehood and I don't feel ashamed for it. Being single, does not limit you from having a romantic experience. I have my romantic and intimate experience too.

Some people might think that this is an all-time low, but for me, it is about not wasting your time nor your chances. I feel like I am always ready for a  fresh start. Yes, you may call me a hopeless romantic. 

I'd rather be avoiding mistakes than making more mistakes for the sake of, 'because everybody is dating/married/engaged'. But again mistakes are inevitable, so you sometimes at least gotta make few times of trial and errors.

Speaking about the type of men I'd like to have in my future relationship, I want him to be a friend not just a romantic partner. That's the quality I am looking in men. That's why I don't really believe in Tinder or an urgent desire to 'seek'. Because, men that I fell in love with are mostly my friends (then that drift me off to friendzone)

I don't think I have a particular taste in men, although I notice that I'm usually drawn into guys who are the complete opposite of me = ridiculously tall + athletics. Some of them are jerks, some of them are the nicest men on earth.

What else can I say? Being single is great. You've got to meet more friends who will make you laugh about your past crushes and silly romantic endeavours. There is something to learn.

For me, dating is similar like a job-search. You won't really settle if you don't get what you want and that's okay.

"I am a bachelor's degree with 4 years of working experience, I am not going to settle with THAT salary!"

Same goes for dating. You know your quality so you tell yourself who do you want and what's best for you.

It should be simple... 

... but  it's life so, of course it is not ;)


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