30-day blog challenge : Day 8

Hi, this is a late post!

Not only I am going to write 30 posts in 30 day this month, I want to read more. So, what I did last was reading another 50 page of As Sweet As Honey by Indira Ganesha, the last book I read and picked up where I left.

Satisfying moments? I think it must be the first time when I had Unmasked Open Mic. It was crazily satisfying. I had all my mates gathered in one room, mates from work, poetry mates, family, new faces and it was crazy how one night can open up to many endless opportunity and friendship I find a long the way.

Having to spread the poetry love that I have received is satisfying, because not only I can watch people reading their poetry for the first time, but poetry is more than that. Poetry is healing, poetry is an expression. It is a pure joy to see and listen to stories which people are afraid to tell.

I used to be conscious about my body, the hard time that my parents used to give me, poetry somehow gives me a way to make peace to myself and to others. Poetry helps me to open up and speak up. I don't have much hope for my parents to fully-understand me, who I am and my dream, but at least we talk everyday.

I am here sitting in the office, stealing time to write my blog and I know, out there, there are many of inspiring friends who do great work that have great impacts than what I do.

I think I am still figuring out what are more good things I can give from myself, and If I find that, it means another satisfaction.


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