30-day blog challenge : Day 4

Today, I have got to talk about an interesting topic!

Religion for me is a discipline and a way to be in touch with your spirituality, that means there is no religion should be inferior nor superior from others. However, what's happening today is the complete opposite of what religion should be. There are so many wars and tension caused by religion, where as it should give the human population the inner peace.

I was born and raised a Muslim, and I am still a practicing Muslim. I follow the Islamic general discipline such as pray 5 times a day, fast during the month of Ramadhan, give charity, not to eat pork or consume alcohol and read the Koran. But over the years, I become less and less devout. I think this is necessary to separate yourself from your religious affiliation/attachment so you can view the world differently. I have taken the liberation to study other practice, like meditation or broaden my view.

I am a self-proclaimed feminist who is LGBT-friendly and who gives seasonal greetings to Non-Muslims... In the conservatives' eyes, I have probably reserved one ticket to hell.

But again, I don't care what others say. I think we need religious people with moderate view and those who are tolerant. Enough with the naysayers and the moral polices who keep conducting intervention towards everybody's lifestyle just to proof their points. They think they are the ones who are going to solve the world's problem, but they are actually the problem.

I think religion is a way of life, you cannot shame or hate anyone with different views. Some religious people I meet, they are not really spiritual. Some spiritual people do not have religion. It is the faith that keep us grounded and motivated.

Either way, let your devotion and spirituality stay inside of you. Let them guide you to peace, not wars.


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