30-day blog challenge : Day 3

Honestly, this challenge is fun. I feel like I can answer the 30 questions in a day!

Being born and raised in a conservative Muslim family, my parents always tell me to stay away from drugs and alcohol. But I grow up around friends who take their liberation to use drugs and alcohol. I used to be very conservative and I used to feel uncomfortable by the sights of people drinking alcohol... that's when I was 17.

I can say that I don't really drink. But yes, I would enjoy drinking for a glass or two, when I am with my best friends. Just like karaoke night, I would only drink or sing if I enjoy the people who keep me company. I would not drink with strangers or acquaintances or in my first date. I want it to be a fun time, not awkward.

I don't like beer. I don't know what you guys find good in beer. I'd rather take cocktails or wine, eventhough they are slightly more expensive.

But again,  I am still slightly awkward when I am drinking. For 70% of the time, I would have said "no". Seriously.

I am raised in a household that is alcohol-free and strict parents, I can say that I can live a year without alcohol... but then I look back, that is not actually true (sorry, parents) I haven't been living a year free without at least a sip of wine or fancy cocktails.

I am against drugs. But it is not like I haven't tried it.

I smoked (will I be arrested if I say this?) two times in the 24 years of my life. The first time it was when I was 22 at a farewell party of a colleague. The second time was just recently. But honestly, I don't feel anything. I don't feel hungry or stoned. It is just nothing.

In all seriousness, drugs are bad and I don't even plan on trying anymore than cannabis. I am not curious and I am not afraid to say No.

I am positive that I will be fine to live without alcohol or drugs. I do not need recreational drugs or alcohol to get high I just need some sugars and carbs. I kinda think that my body is equipped with a natural high. I think they should turn me into a drug or alcohol, take my blood and take it to the lab. I want to know what's going on inside me too.

Anyway kids, say no to drugs and if you want to drink, do it responsibly.

At least, buy them when you can make your own money. Don't make anyone suffer because they need to sort your addiction. Stop while you can.


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