30-day blog challenge : Day 2

I always like the type of question that allows me to look ahead to the future or look back at my past. That way, I can remember how much I have grown as a person and how pessimistic/optimistic I can be. After all, I am writing this so that I can remember my history and wishes.

I love writing. Especially writing poetry. I have been thankful that I've found people with minds alike, they are all over the world. As you know that I am nursing a poetry open mic called, "Unmasked" with 3 friends, and it has been a part of my life. I cannot imagine living without poetry. It is a bold statement, but it is true.

I cannot imagine living a settled life where I only have to pay my bills and follow the expectation others have put in me. I want to meet people. I want to see the world.

I am hoping in the next ten years, I can see the world even more and in a larger perspective. Like many friends who have succeeded, I want to travel the world with my writings. I wish to be a travelling poet. I hope that is not a delusion or something selfish to say.

You might question yourself, what is poet's greatest contribution to the world? They just write and romanticize things.

I have the perfect answer.

Poetry is a passion. It may seem simple, yes, you can write few lines that rhymes. But what important is vulnerability and emotion.

I wish I can contribute goodness to the world. I may be far from helping the tiger population away from extinction, I cannot donate dollars to solve the world's hunger BUT I think poetry is like an act charity. Poetry is an infectious therapy. The more I see people write and express about the things they couldn't, it makes me awesomely happy. It is fulfilling to know that more and more friends are getting active in writing because they feel inspired from what my friends and I are doing.

I hope in 10 years I can be as more consistent, more persistent and better than today. I want to improve the areas I am still lacking and I hope there will be a chance for that.

I hope that I am on my way to get my Masters Degree too in a reputable university that I have been eying.

I hope that when I turn 34, I will be in a committed relationship. If I am not married by that time, at least,  I would have found my significant other. I don't ask for much. It will be wonderful if I could have started a family, but having a significant other who can make me better, is wonderful enough.

Falling in love is also a part of womanhood or a process of maturity. I tend to experience big womanhood moments, gradually, once every eight year.

When I was 13, I had my first period. When I was 21, I discovered my sexuality.

I wanna see what kind of womanhood discover that'll happen when I am 29 or... 34.

I wonder what it will be.


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