30-day blog challenge : Day 12

Well, this is a late post and this is also very impractical!

Bullet my day?! Okay.

  • 6.02am - wake up
  • 6.02am to 7am - watching How I Met Your Mother in my bed
  • Let's not use the track of time anymore, I showered then I did the first draft of my Poetry Slam poster
  • I went to my auntie's house
  • Arrived at auntie's house, eating, chatting, reading my book.
  • Visit grandmother's house
  • This was not bad, I found so many old records, old books and vintage stuffs.
  • I went to the mall with my extended family. I bought new eye shadow.
  • I went back to auntie's house. Eat some more.
  • Driving back home, whilst settling DJ issue for my poetry slam.
  • Get back home, revising the poetry slam poster, showering
  • I decided to end the day by watching new buzzfeed taste test video
  • Fall asleep.


  1. Err... emang biasa pake bahasa inggris ya kamu mbak ._. wlkwkkww

    Jadi ini postingan semacam blog chalenge gitu :D wkwkw duuuh harimuuu penuuuuh sekali ya Mbak :D

  2. Iya Febri, biar latihan nulis Bahasa Inggris. Iya semacam blog challenge :)


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