Welcome to my strange polarity
A terrestrial ground
Where you land, a deserted and confused alien
Fresh out of your broken space pod

You are here because
Gravity is not kind

He keeps on attracting 
obtrusive wanderers and warlords
to implore my quiet Earth

Here, in my planet
Different rules apply

Though my gate is a friendly open door
I don't expect temporary visitors
I appreciate those who can cope with my seasons

Don't try to chart me
If only you are lonesome

I am not your exotic distraction
I am made unclassified,
not conforming to your satisfaction

I won't stand as a filler in your vast universe

I am not entertaining your vacancy
I am not your second destination

Don't dare to orbit,
If your loyalty cannot commit

I need only one satellite or none at all
There are still plenty ways to survive, anyway


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