I am so happy that finally my poetry book is out for public! Yeay!

Tigress is 104-page poetry manuscript, published by Letterplatters. Ebee, my good friend and the publisher, surprised me by sending 13 stacks of these in front of @america, our venue for open mic on Saturday, July 16 2016.

I haven't truly realized how blessed I am until this baby arrives. I cannot be happier.

I had been skeptical to have my work be independently released. I guess it is down to my ambition that I want to produce a book that's going to be BIG, signed under major publication. Anyway, having works ripe enough to be viewed for the public is quite impactful that I expected.

I had been very silent about this, even when the books arrived. Nevertheless, everybody welcomed Tigress. The energy is so positive and I had been very down lately. I have been craving for a happy place. And this is it...

I know there will be good and bad days.

I am writing this to let myself know that yes, you can be happy too.


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