When it feels like you're just following the wheel...

... at least, you are moving. Moving for something good.

I have been working for a permanent job and I feel like I have a little time to get creative. I am always get tired. It can be just an excuse, or maybe this is the rest I need.

I would like to see Kate Tempest live or bring Kosal Khiev's movie here. But I have not figured out how. It all wants.

And lately, I have been thinking about stuffs. And how I automatically play the victim part. So soft to myself. I do not know maybe I should stop doing that. Focusing on the positive and if things haven't worked out yet, it'll take time and I am just following the wheel.

I'd rather be a comma, than a full stop.

Better yet, I wish I were the moving text on LED banner.

I want to be pop-up ads.


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