To The Man Who Bruised Me

To the man
who bruised me

What makes you think that I ever want to see you again?
What makes you think that I miss your loving
that once violated
my walls?

I am a stranger to your paradise and you are the one who shoves me closer
to the bonfire in hell

With holds, hooks, kisses
You are still an alien to me

My blood boils
Every time I remember you walked away
with your pride, unbeaten
While, I was foraging
on wreckage
floated near me
to cover up

I do still wish my words will find you
like a spiralling arrow
avenging the predator

I want your name in shame
I want these words to be the hands that tug you down
From the mountain you're climbing
The throne you're sitting

Let these words be the hands
that strip you 
Bare naked

So you know how it feels like

Lately I have been thinking recent cases of sexual violence 
around the news
I also wonder if it is me who is too embarrassed
to admit that somebody had violated me
It has been 2 years to take me to realise that

For girls out there, take care of yourself 
He should know better when to stop
When you say so
So never blame yourself


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