The Confession of a Female Beta

The Beta Female is the Alpha Female's right hand woman. A beta will be one of the Apha's closest friends and one of her most trusted confidants. She knows the Alpha very well perhaps even since childhood. The Beta female will be called upon to voice her opinions and her evaluations will most times be valued by the Alpha Female. She also knows when to keep silent and when to talk. She is second in command.

Beta Female will be someone who thinks similarly to the Alpha Female and is unfailingly loyal to her and vice versa. Unfriendly Beta females may be intimidated by the unknown Alpha Female and will either be befriended or create an enemy according to her attitude. A Beta is never an Alpha wannabe, she is comfortable with who she is.

A description of what Female Beta is from the

If the world's a stage
and men and women are merely players

A beta girl always questions her role in the world of unstoppable monologues
A beta girl hates to brag
 so she uses the word, "excuse me" too many times
and politely asks for the rights she always deserves
but ends up missing

A beta girl flips her hair to let you know that she is attracted to you
Because she speaks body language so fluently
more than speaking her own mother tongue
Like there is so much body to cover
and less body to show

If the world's a stage
and men and women are merely players
and one man in his time plays many parts

A beta girl plays a particular part
A trusted sidekick, a halo
that overheads your awaken monster
Her patience lives long like a diary
each page , absorbing never ending complaints

She tries to be accepting
Even if it means to be the benchmark to your bad day and overly-beaten self
She is the second in command
who cleans
the leftover from the war you wage

Why call her, "my right hand"
When all this time, she's always been "the hand"
that build the briges
that were burnt so many times
When the Alpha Goddess pull strings in the cloud
to summon the thunders
from the sky

If the world's a stage
Then let's talk about how big it is
Because there is no space big enough
to accomodate
a Beta Girl's heart


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