Subtle Saturday

So, what would you do? You have been accustomed to the morning alarm on the weekdays so you cannot help to wake up early in the weekend. You lay in your bed for an hour and then you get up to take a shower. You have been looking forward to the evening meeting that is unfortunately cancelled.

Your Saturday is so subtle. The party go-ers and the socialites would kill themselves to have a flat Saturday like yours. But to you, uninterrupted hours and the sweetness of doing nothing is a blessing.

You decided not to text and call anyone, even the new guy you are talking to. You feel like going out in the day with your heels, walking across the ghetto area behind your rent. You feel like putting on the purple matte lipstick you have bought and getting a haircut. You feel like treating yourself eventhough it feels like you have been spending too much money. But then you remember it is your birthday month and you're supposed to fly out somewhere exotic to celebrate it. But what you have is now and the heat from the city.

So what would you do?


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