Day 9 - One Poem a Day

Poem #9 - Sick board / Absent

I am thinking about the old dusty chalkboard at the corner of our classroom
We used to write our name on it
To let the teacher know when one of us was having a sick day
I am thinking about the time we lied to them to escape the math class
Whatever the reason is we've always got each other's back
10 years later,

You are 23-and-a-half,
Bright auburn henna cover your arms and legs
The time they turn dry
Flaking over your beautiful Sumatran ivory skin
I have just woken up in the arm's of my only lover--the city I live in

10 years later,
I am turning 24 in less than a month
Balinese ink running on the length of my spine
I have bleached hair ends and I let my shoulder-long black and azure lock uncovered
10 years later,
I am still thinking about us
The pristine friendship that stretches like a rubber band
But the definition of 
and who's good and who's bad

I am flying out today
Arriving like a sore thumb 
to your banquet
A lifetime celebration of a good girl
Where the elders will frown upon a single young lady, 
A 25-year-old who does not seem to grow up correctly
Dressed in tattoo they cannot read and understand
I think I will need the chalkboard back
To write my name over it
To tell them that I am feeling a little sick
and you will be glaring at them from where you are standing
a Sumatran tigress in cat eyes and glorious golden dress
Ready to pounce


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