Day 8 - One Poem a Day

Poem 8 - 5pm

5pm, and I am your lover
Striding along your chaotic streets
Trying to learn the complicated nature
The complete architecture of your soul

Falling in love with the Sun warriors 
Chasing their casting shadows 
With plastic swords on their hands

The tiny alley is their battlefield
Little burrow to alley mother cats 
Purring next to her kittens
Feeding herself chicken bones 
from the barbecue cart
While the old man is smoking his clove cigarette

The smell of fried shallots meets the fume of gasoline 
The golden triangle turns into fierce racing lane
Unseen strings are attached to every vehicle
Leading them into different paths home
Without collision course
Maybe the eye in the sky is true

Every 5pm, 
I fall in love with you


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