Day 6 - One Poem a Day


This time I am going to write accordingly to the prompt given on Thirty Dirty Challenge on Facebook. So we are supposed to write something about the globe/map/travel. At first, I want to create something based on my personal experience probably about a traveller I met two years ago... but I said, not again, I am so over it. So I end up listening to "The Eye in The Sky" by Alan Parson's Project and it wakes my obsession towards the concept of the 4th dimension world and other spirits we cannot see. The universe is so large, travelling is just a small part of it.

Last week, a close friend of mine came up to me and told a heartbreaking reunion with her mother. Now, her mother is a bit of a character and it takes time for her to perceive the fact of her mother becomes too 'spiritual' even to the extent that it scares her. It scares the shit out of me too.

I rarely write for anyone, because I guess I am too selfish, busy enough to examine my own problem. But this one is for her. I wish her to be strong.

Poem #6 - The travelling spirit

I wish I was your 4th dimensional ghost
Whose bare hands can manipulate time and spaces
and pull them like strings
move them wherever I want to

I wish that holding on to the nick of time
would be as real as flicking pages of a book with my thumb
catching a ceramic mug before it slams against the floor

I want to be the eye in the sky
watching you enter the path 
you pinpoint
inside the Bornean jungle
I wish there was a cheat to your mind 
and see how the map was laid

now that the winding road you choose to conquer 
is an unfamiliar direction from home
the colours of the atlas are getting murky

I should have left you something's mine 

a green lego block at the bottom of your backpack 
and a little spray of my frangipani scent 
of our tiny house 

They should be big enough
to be a compass 
that lead you to back to light


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