Day 5 - One Poem a Day

#Poem 5: Love was a child's play

When love first arrived at my doorstep, love came in loose sheets
Love's body was tattooed with hollow patterns
Next to love was a box of colourful water pencils, brushes and a smaller box of crayons
Love said, "Paint me, you are the artist."
So I learn carefully, I tint Love from the inside 
not letting single drip of a paint stain the border

When love first came to me, it was a toy
A beautiful princess with a complementary prince charming on his white horse
Love came with a storybook and adults read it as my bedtime story every night
Every paragraph was repeated as if they intended to sink every word onto my bones
I was told that when love must enter my space
the entrance of him will be grandeur

There will always be flowers everywhere
And he will take you to amazing dinner, not to your casual spot
Because your beloved pizza parlour does not serve hors d'oeuvres 
And love will drive you anywhere expensive with a Mercedes Benz 

When they told me this story I was gripping my red crayon
So tight, I could see the wax stained on my skin
and my handprint turned into the colour of blood 
"But what about the white horse?"

Love is the reason I grew up to be a different princess
with another story book she wrote where,
Juliet is the one who throws pebbles at Romeo's window

Love is your brother's friend in the soccer team
Who thinks that you are beautiful even in simple ponytail and oversized football jersey
And he would always remember the name and number written on your back
(It was Ronaldo 17)

Love is your best friend who wages unspoken war inside of her mind
She always wears the best smile when you tell her over and over again
The brave story of how you met Sandra
and kissed her at the back of the classroom
When nobody was looking

Love is the gentleman who drives you home
after he takes you to a fancy dinner to a restaurant
that serves platter of canap├ęs and store their wines in the basement

Love drives BMW and he is the first to make the move
But retracts the second one 
because he likes the chase more than you

Love is a girl who has been waiting 3 years and still knocking on your door
and she can still knock some more

Love is a fighter with a badge of honour you cannot see

Love is beautiful but she is not the marrying type and is a nomad
Love has a cum laude but she does not want to have kids

Love used to be a child's play
Love used to be my drawing sheet and my Barbie and Ken
Love makes me the artist

When did it become so complicated?


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