Day 4 - One Poem a Day

I am so pissed tonight. From the news about ridiculous cancellation of LadyFast and one annoying thing to another, you've got all of my buttons pushed. So I imagine going home to Henry Cavill's Superman (oh, he is so gorgeous I cannot stop talking and thinking about him, help me please) and he comforts me to bed. (yeah, because I can)

This is also how I imagine a serious and long relationship will be tested. A kind of heartbreak and worry if this person's gonna stay or leave. For maximum effect listen to John Mayer - Slow Dancing in a burning room (not reccomended)

#Poem 4 - Kryptonite

Drag me to bed so I can use your chest as my plush
The truth is I have been lying 
Lately I have been sleeping past my bedtime
Hide my iPad, put my phone in silence
Stow them away when I am not looking 
Give me your mellow playlist close to my ears
Once you are sure that I am sleeping sound
Remove the earphones away and stroke my hair
Darling, this has been a bad day and I want you to understand
Some days I am not moving anywhere from our messy bed
Some days I do not feel like putting on anything except my ribbed leggings and old undersized t-shirt
Some mornings are just another unuseful morning I wake up to and losing more tracks of time
I will not feel a thing except the unwinding sadness I coyly question why
One day you will realize that loving me is a real challenge
Learning that you have lost the bravery to love me is one bad misery
And these are the ghosts that keep me awake at night
Behind my closed eyes I can feel your fingers are locking with mine
Your chest moves to your tired breath
My ears are cold metal ends that catch the quiet sound of your heartbeat 
While mine is racing fast
Some nights will be like this
We'll sleep inside a burning room even if it is 6 degrees outside
I will beg you to put me down to bed like a child with a bedtime story
A fantasy where you keep telling me that everything is going to be fine and okay
Some nights I will thank you but deny your kind words
Some nights we are each other kryptonites
Some nights heaven turns to warzone
Some nights we are not gonna say sorry and we'll wake up to a freezing morning
Some day I want you to convince me that we are fighting against the wrong enemy
So fold me in your Superman's arms and use your mighty strength to protect me from these monsters
Who have the brightest smiles and killer instincts underneath their sleeves
I will never be safe not even when I am wearing my own cape
Except on the night like this
When you've got my back close to your chest
My ankle to your toes
The tip of your nose tucked under my nape
Let our hearts race into the same pace


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