Day 3 - One Poem a Day


This is getting exciting. I have been inspired by poets and writing prompts that are so unique. It has been a while since I have written something so detailed and true. So again, this poem is not perfect but it is getting closer to what I want it to be.

Day 3 - Mirror

Baby girl,
Do not worry if your cheek bones are still round like apples
You are not meant to hate the frame you were born in
Female curves are not always an hourglass
I have an operation scars under my belly and ugly marks all over my hips
I name them my tigress claw
They are my strips and just like the age circle of a tree I use them to count so many things
Like my age
Like my naivety and maturity
Like the blessing and the courage I have for surviving each time strangers and families calling me out by names uglier than my skin and cover
Because they choose to see beauty through a narrow definition
Baby girl,
There are days when a powerful poetry does not work to conceal the fear and heal the pain from wrong upbringing
There are always days you wish you wake up and turn into someone beautiful
But I have a promise to tell you
That one day you are going to wake up to a new reflection
For the first time you will feel terrified because you realized that you have been denying such beauty that lives inside of you
Rosy cheeks and raven hair
She will reach out her hands and tell you how much she misses THIS....
And this time, baby girl
you must embrace her in your arms
and shut the wardrums

The inspiration of this poem is a selfie I take and I look ridiculously hot on that I feel like it is almost inappropriate. But I am not a girl who likes camera and or taking picture. I have this bad insecurity that I do not look as pretty as other girls, especially the skinny ones. Yup, trust me. I seem so vocal when it comes to voice out my opinion in your beauty standards and body image opinion but I am just a little girl who is so insecure when it comes to my body. This is not vanity, but last night, I realize that I am just pretty and I have been denying it all along to myself... and I think I need to reconnect with myself and in the future I need to stop for acting like I am not pretty. And I do not need any man or anyone to validate that. If they validate that it is good... and I don't really mind though.


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