Day 28 - One Poem a Day

‪#‎Day28‬ - Ayah

I hate that we are two identical polars
that do not gravitate to each other
so our house is often silent

I have your eyebrow crease
and your skin
I have your tolerance
and your poetic sense
that mom hates

From still quietness to
storm-summoning anger

We have each other's worlds
and impenetrable borders

As much as I hate to doubt your love
You love me

It's the look you gave to the boy we took to family dinner
It's the time you sat next to me on the new ride we took
even though I know you are scared of heights
It's the world that you build for me
brick to brick
until it becomes a city that gives me a brand new life and chances

Most of the time, I miss all of your sacrifices
and turn you into a stranger next door

I cannot gravitate to you
I am too much of your features

But I promise
I will try to be better


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