Day 22 - One Poem a Day

Day 22 - This is not a free write

This is not a free write
You place dreadful bounty to my head
for every grammar error 
and misplaced punctuation I commit
It has been 5 to 6 hours of dead air
or intense revisions (you choose)
and my mind has flew to the thoughts of 
bed and dinnertime
Sorry but I cannot help to be here anymore

This is not a free write, 
You tell me my poetic sense is not working
that we need to use bombastic jargons
to stand out from the competitors
or repeat safer options of words 
that have been repeatedly used and approved
to desensitise 
our 'oh-so-pure' intentions

This is not a free write,
... and I am not signing up for a free design either
So do not blame me for unaligned indents
Be glad I find them 
just before we're about to send the final artwork
That it is the least I can do
I do not keep the working psd
So do not ask me to pick up a fight with the designers
Because I will 
and it will get nasty
Because they don't like emails 
like they are not their business
This is not a free write
Because the accounts aren't free
Neither are the creative awards
We must pay for an entry
That is one way to contribute to the industry

This is not a free write
We are no community
If you want to be free
Box your stationeries and leave from the backdoor
So nobody is looking
The streets are friendlier, there is no deadline
It is perfect for you
unless you are ready to starve like an artist
This is not a free write

and you know it
So, would you like to keep your job?


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