Day 20 - One Poem a Day

Day 20a - Un-see

It is hard,
not to un-see you
I try to close one eye
to believe that I will see your true colours
But how?
Your soul is embedded on the billboards I spot on my way home
Your face is an expensive storytelling written in a caption
and staged photographs
You live in moveable objects
in every side banners at the corner of the news
I read every morning
You even live on the back of my cereal box
on the tube of my toothpaste
I keep staring at your face when I am bored
I am just one sad consumer.
Dear Advertising Gods,
Just like how my parents tell me about the folklore of my religion
and that the face of true God should not be drawn
I cannot un-see you even if your face is drawn
But your presence always manipulates me


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