Day 2 - One Poem a Day

To be honest, I am kind of cheating here because I have been trying not to sleep til 12 am so I can write an easy idea for one poem a day. When I thought I cannot write a poetry and end up having a lousy one, I cannot help but wanting to create better. I have seen many of my poet friends are writing awesome poems so the bar is high.

But again I am not looking for the bar, I am just exercising myself to be fluent with the truth and my emotional articulation which I have lost in these past months.

Poem #2 - The Death of a Poet

The poet's dead
You can see that she has flipped the "No Disturb" card facing the window of the factory 
of her unsung story
The poet's dead and I start to worry
The next morning she still asks for her usual cup of coffee like she is ready 
But her spirit animal writes a penless story 
Even until the Sun is about to leave the horizon after watching unfolding hours of the Earth, unamused
The poet clicks at her tongue repeatedly, 
as if trying to find the answer in every small detail there is
But her poem remains paperless 
and I am now feeling sorry
But she says, "Don't be.

The poet's just sleeping
But there's always tomorrow and I shall wake again."

Update: This is crazy but I end up writing 2 poems

Poem #2B - Not You

Honey, that is not you
I know the rugged parts of your bones you want to scrap
The books you pretend you'd always want to read
Strange language so polished and so foreign
They possess your tongue 
Luring words of false impression
They are taking over your desperation
My dear didn't I tell you so many times
Like a mirror, that I can see right through you
I reflect all these new age confusions
But make them not as your reflection
Identify your mind in quietness
Words are dagger, they do trigger
Wisdom remains in many words you left unsaid
You don't have to prove your hard truth to anyone
Keep it all to yourself 
And that should be enough


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