Day 1 - One Poem a Day

Hi all,

As you know today is the first day of the National Poetry Month. I am excited. I want to write so many things. But right now I have thousand ideas in my head. Now I cannot choose.

But no matter how long or how short it is, I am just going to write a poem for a day, as long as it makes a total sense.

Poetry #1 - Puppeteers

I am sorry, doll
I have been swimming into those blue eyes 
like they are an infinite pool
I have been dragging you into this fantasy,
it will take its tool
I have been scrapping you into shapes
and clicking onto your insides
I have been replacing parts of you
the ones I cannot see through

P.S: I am not happy with this one.
I have watching a lots of Henry Cavill interviews and just like the rest of female population in the world, we wish we can share him together.


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