Day 11 - Queen Envy

She's always up there
Sitting on top of her shimmering throne
Made out of dark glass 
So obscure, you cannot tell the difference between colors
Green or blind

She was born within me to manuever the good
and direct me to the path of more hunger
When I have starved myself just enough

Her heart is the mind of all these diseases
Her magic shifts my silent infatuation into an obsession
Stone-like and too heavy to carry
Until I am sunk deep 
Left with blue submerged wounds
and she's the one to hold the cure

Day 11b - Just a love poem with Harry Potter's references

Let's leave the tower
when the Prefects are not looking
when the Grey Lady is elsewhere
Promise me you'll remember the answer to the riddle
once we go back before midnight
Hogsmeade will close not long after the sunset so please hurry
I'll be waiting for you below the chandelier but you must pretend like I am just another ghost
Like the thought of you and me and the two glasses of cold Butterbeer
Like the way you make stay a little longer for more enchanting stories
Like the first time you casted a Patronus and helped me to picture how it shaped
I want to know your biggest fear and how you confront them
Gazing into your eyes is
Like looking through a crystal ball of cloudy prophecy
Putting me into a test
What is this spell (or rather a curse) you are trying to cast?
How I wish I keep a spare bottle of Liquid Luck
Coz I know it feels like
I need to put on my behaviour tonight


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