Internet Etiquette and Oversharing

I get it. Internet is fun. It is even more fun when people acknowledge your thoughts and opinions. They'll show you some loves and they'll involve in the comment section. It is fun when people are agreeing with you and your opinion is heard and well-noted.

But oversharing for me, is fragile.

Trust me, I am a girl who posts too much in the internet and I have been caught in real problems because of what I write in the internet. Silly fight broke because of too much personal thoughts.  I am a comm graduate who works as a copywriter, I know how 'pencitraan' or image/brand are created (I spent 3 years studying the art of selling).

Unless they are science explanations or textbooks (even textbooks), you should not trust what somebody writes out there.

Whatever you express in the internet will bait a response, whether bad or good, you cannot help to have a 100% acceptance by the internet community. Or let alone, your closest friends who follow you in social media accounts.

For instance, I decided to 'unshare' Path moments with my best friend. But it is nothing personal. She let me unshare because she is aware that her posts are getting more frequent and personal. To be honest, eventhough, it has nothing to do with me, those are the types of postings I hate to read in the internet.  But again, I am not in the place to tell her to reduce her posts or snap and say, 'you better stop writing' because internet is a free space for expression.

But again it is just the internet, it is just a blank space floating around us. That should not change the way I look at and treat my best friend in real life.

Anyway, it would be better if you alter those personal thoughts in a diary form, a blogpost, a newsletter... turn your counter-productive rants and thoughts into something productive.

If it is getting intense, talk to your friends and people you trust. Even you can do what you like, you also have to be sensitive around people.

As for me myself, personal thoughts are too good and too intimate. There are some parts of my mind, I wouldn't share withy anyone else. Do you agree?


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