My Body, My Authority

It was a Friday night and casual group of young people flocked together at Kinesaurus, Kemang. I just came back from work and I didn't think I dressed for the occasion. Everybody dressed funkily and casually. Nevertheless, screw formality. In the end of the day, I was swinging my body back and forth in the middle (or, literally at the corner) where everybody was jamming and head-banging together with Tika & The Dissident.

It was "Tubuku, Otoritasku" Festival that was organized by independent feminist group called Mari Jeung Rebut Kembali. I appreciated their movement so much. I have never get tired of feminist and body issue, because I experience it myself.

I am not a slim girl. I have always carried a little weight on my side, and it seems like that's the only thing that people around me care about.

"Oh, Ayu... if you'd lose a couple of pounds you will look great!"

"What did you do to your hair?"

At one point, I had my ombre hair, I was 22. Most of the response I got was pretty flattering except some friends who would say that. "Aren't you too old to wear this kind of fashion? why don't you try anything more feminine and classy."

And oh, "fat people are lazy!"

I can roundhorse-kick your ass, btw.

Fuck all of that really. I believe I am just the same human being, who likes to eat snacks and be productive as well. I am health-conscious. I exercise when I can. When I cannot, I will not hesitate to take the stairs up or walk around a few block from the office.

But, anyway, I don't think that I need to justify my stand on this. Because they will eventually see how stupid those comments were...  and thanks for Mari Jeung Rebut Kembali for organizing the events.

I have seen familiar faces which highlights the evening. All open mic performers were amazing, especially the boys from Lelaki-lelaki baru, which is a collective group of feminist men in town.


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