Can I befriend a LOUD person?

We all that one friend who does not fit our characters but somehow we strangely remain friends with.
We all have that one friend whose laughter fills the whole space of the car and we hate it so much, especially if we are so prone to high-pitch sounds and noises.
We all have that one friend whose confident level is so high they cannot help to talk about nothing but themselves.
They'll tell you (and the whole world of internet) that they have plan A, B, C for the future, when they'll buy their dream cars and house, what they eat for lunch and dinner, how their crushes and universe make them feel, where to get their nipples pierced (true account). They'll tell you about everything, regardless you are asking or not.
They are the ones who ping you in the morning like personal assistant and wish you a good day.
When they are sad, they sound like the most desperate person on Earth and you feel like you are responsible to pick them up.

For someone who is quite introverted like me (I am 46% Introvert) which means I appreciate my quality time--which means the more I am alone and isolated the better, this extra positive trait is deemed unnecessary. If the behavior persists, this can be a little irritating... or very irritating.

For a reserved person, telling "No" is a hard thing to do because we are afraid of doing a wrong thing or acting rude even more to our best friend. I know you are very frustrated about this.

First foremost, you have to know that your friends are just being kind and you have to try at least to appreciate it. There are many people who do not share the same value as you do. Some people are just looking kind upfront but they are not trying to be authentic with their feelings. So, you are kind of lucky to have a friend, regardless their intolerable quirk they showcase, who are genuine about you.

Secondly, if your friends are extra extrovert and are not afraid to say what's in my mind, try to be like them. Your "No" might be their "Yes.". Your description of vulgar might differ from her description. So, once in a while, tell them how you really feel because they would probably won't mind it and... sometimes they need to hear it if their behaviors are a little overdone to you.

If you still awkward of talking to them about their crazy traits but you cannot tolerate the craziness anymore. Do as I say: Log off from social media or if you are bold enough: Block your friends.

This is to create more space. Social media gives so many presumption and assumption, so if your particular friend (or you) cannot get their hands off this thing, just block/log off. It is healthier for you to chat in person to catch up with each other. Remember that the real friendship happens offline (unless, your are a mail buddy) and the offline things are what matter. Social media build false and strong imagery, sometimes.

And again, take sometimes to reflect what makes you irritated... is it you? or is it something with that person that makes you so mad?  You want to remember where this person is coming from... where the loudness originates from. Not to judge them, but to learn how to communicate better to them.

That's on my take. I am still learning.

Here's my favorite song that'll always remember me of how complicated and beautiful real friendship is.


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