I guess I will still forever love you

If falling in love with you is a choice
I would have chosed never
Because I would rather have my heart broken by somebody
who could reciprocate this
At least admitted that for one second, one day, one week, one month
or once that they had ever mused me romanticly
I would like to hear that I was there to make their days
Because I was taking a good care of someone else and myself
and I was happy

I think that the painful part of being in love is
that sometimes it does not go your own way

The least you can do is to hope
that the heart does not break that bad
so you can carry on and find someone out there 
who will mend the broken parts

But, my mind is rewinding memories of some parts
where you might say "I do"
Maybe when you insisted to pay the dinner bills everytime we go out
Or when you crawled so close to me and we were shy to kiss
Missed call and text messages that followed that said 
you were coming back again

How will I know?


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