What #KamiTidakTakut means to me

I was at my dad's room and working on some translation. The television was on. I stopped after the TIPIKOR report turned into a report of breaking news. The female announcer with a concerning look stated that there had been a bomb attack in Sarinah Police Station, Central Jakarta. It is only a few blocks away from my dad's office.

He had just lost his phone and I couldn't contact him.

I stopped whatever I was doing at that time. I thought it was going to be a small incident, but as the news develop, things got pretty real just like a movie. I watched and I watched. There was gunfire and blast.

Sarinah is surrounded by office buildings and commercial areas. I am familiar with the area as it has my favorite places to hang out. The terrorist had destroyed by favorite outlet of Starbucks and the police broke the Djakarta Theater where I used to watch midnight movies alone. I am lucky that my dad is safe, but I saw policemen under attack. They can be anyone's father. I cannot imagine how terrifying it is to watch your father come face-to-face with bullets and explosives.

The amateur videos were spread fast, as well as picture of victims... But Jakarta stays strong.


It is hard to find a gist to live in the city. I have to admit, perhaps, a year after I moved out of Kuala Lumpur, I still hate the fact that I am in Jakarta. Life is getting difficult. I lost a job, which I was not even sorry about. But, life was not the way I planned. I faced my nightmares and fears.

But seeing the Jakarta citizen acted so cool during the surge of terror, it reminds me how strong Jakarta is, the place I live in. My second home.

So thank you, Jakarta. For bringing your smile always. For not taking difficulties so seriously. You show me your strength, and we are stronger.

To terrorist ... you are just an attention whore. You are just bag of nuts.



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