List of things that make me thankful in 2015

Visiting Tanjung Puting
Visiting Kuala Lumpur again
which means taking more flights with KLM and being able to use my passport with a nice new ID photo
Watching Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye... LIVE
Meeting Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye
Workshop with Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye
Meeting friends in Kuala Lumpur
Walking down Jalan Bukit Bintang all alone
Visiting the Little India
Claiming my favorite seat at TLJ Bukit Bintang
Riding the LRT again
Visiting Cyberjaya
from copywriting job at multinational agency
Working with K-Pop Entertainment website
and resigns 3 months later
Turning 23
Organizing my first open mic
with favorite people and friends
New Job
New paycheck
New position
Applying scholarship
Being asked out for coffee
Asking a guy out for a coffee
Dancing my heart out with friends
Was invited to become a speaker
Meeting old friends
Meeting new friends
Meeting online people I know IRL and be good friends with them
Contributing again
Visiting Dumai
Visiting my Grandmother and giving her pocket money
Dad told me I was the first grandchild to do so
More open mic
Hearing news about friends who publish their books
Teaching spoken-word in a workshop
More readings
Catching up with old-friends
Applying to more jobs
Stayed self-employed
100 Thousand Poets for a Change
Organizing Poetry Slam
Creating my zine
Saying goodbye to a bar
Dance with Yacko as DJ
Drinking Grey Goose from the bottle
Travel to a new city
Went on camping
Making new friends
Travelling to Ubud
Post-travel blues
A new kind of Heartache
Applying to more jobs
Stayed self-employed
Writing my old manuscript
Finding an editor for my manuscript
more open mic
Waking up
Waking up
Had my wisdom tooth removed
Sleeping next to my mother


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