Falling in love is not a child's play

image by mountainroseblog.com
When someday, when you least expect it, someone--your good friend, a person in your classroom, a colleague, a secret/not so-secret admirer, a stranger, would give you their hearts on a silver platter and their pure offerings might not suit your expectation. Learn that it is your ridiculous face and your ridiculous voice you hate so much that make their days feel better.  So, learn how to grace even when you have to send them away. Because if you have ever shook hands with heartbreak and given bear hugs to despair it has caused you, you know what is hidden beneath the platter are fear and insecurity they hide so carefully.

If you ever have the heart to live and love, you would know the real heart is not made out of plastic nor glass. Yet, it can burn and break if it is not handled with care. The real human heart is composed by personal sugar scar of growing up and moving reel of bittersweet experiences. You do not want to give pain, just because you are so used to being the pain itself.

And swear, if you have ever been the victim of the pain... don't disgrace yourself, because someone better will pick up the pieces.


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