About Growing Up

Sometimes, before I open my blog, I always think what have I not written. It seems like I almost repeat all materials, or maybe they are just in my head, but anyway, if it is something that sparks within myself then it is worth sharing.

So, today I found an adorable image on the internet. It is the picture of Amigos X Siempre Casts. If you grew up in Indonesia, during the late 90s and early 00s, you would know who these kids are. Well, if you live in Mexico, that's awesome! You really know what I am writing about.

The cast of Amigos X Siempre
hysterical, right?

This picture is so hilarious, it is from ages ago. Every girl in my classroom wanted to be Ana which was the main character portrayed by Belinda Schull (Holyshit, I remember her name) and we had crush on either Pedro and Santiago. I am #TeamSantiago by the way. Can't we see? Back then our obsession is so simple : to become Ana, our idol, yes a talented female lead with one tight ponytail and a white bandana and that's what we dressed our hair when we went to school. But right now, our obsession is to get married or get rich or getting great career.

It that how much have we grown up?

I watch this clip over and over again and I think maybe the BuzzFeed Violet team sneak into my room and place a hidden camera somewhere, this is accurate. A week ago, I met a former classmate and see how much she has grown into this new person. She has a good career and a good boyfriend. I got off the plane witht my patchy skirt from East Java, so hobo and she dressed like a city girl normally looked, no patchy skirt. I wish not to feel intimidated but maybe a little part of me was.

But I am not going to succumb to that. I know that I am going to do great in my own way.
I will not be an investor relation officer who travels the world, but I am going to be someone as great and maybe better, because I'll follow my heart.

I keep on saying that, "It feels like I am the last child on the face of the earth" out loud, but deep inside me I realised that I am proud of my inner child because she is the survivor of this cruel reality. She may have cut open wounds but she is alive and getting stronger. She is honest, an open book, she would have never had anything to cover and she wants everybody to do the same... We are too young to be serious. It does not mean having fun has no responsibility. It is the best responsibility ever, to take care of ourselves, be happy and contribute the best on you to others.

Okay Ayu...

You can do this... you are a fully-functioning adult who knows how to have fun


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