Am I writing a Slam Poem?

Author's note: All my poems are basically spoken-word. I can never go rough and write like slam poem. Until one person upset me and there you go.


I am still hurt by your allegations
I have never wanted myself a V.I.P
I am not looking for exclusivity nor stunt of publicity

My life is not a PR world where it is mandatory to give people kisses on their cheeks, no
I am spending day and night on my keyboard
Trying to create more meanings, so

I should not be surprised to be the victim of your spin
But I do not wish to correct myself for people who do not truly care about me

Excuse me, did you ever put me on the dial? Really?
It seemed like your messages were stuck in the wire of blind judgement

Everybody makes a mistake even good friends do
And honey boo
I appreciate all the virtue

Protecting me from the wolves
When they were busy tearing me apart when I was not looking
But I am a big girl and I can tell them to fuck off anytime

I will remove my glass slippers and be my own prince charming savior

Another friend told me that everybody has different masks on
Tonight I show you a different face but I did not mean to hurt

I was never an enemy
Until you make feel like an ugly one

Do not bother to point my flaws
When you have just as much as
Attitude and personality that need serious fixing

I know words do not melt a stone-hearted person
But you know I am not done until I speak the truth out


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