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Aren't we all so happy to shoot for 100 Thousand Poets for Change 2015 for Jakarta Chapter? I have to admit, Jakarta is not my city nor my hometown. I barely know it. But as a friend said, "Jakarta is like New York, nobody really comes from New York." so I truly believe that. Jakarta is vibrant, even though the city is not that organized but somehow it has places for everybody. For me, it is not yet a wonderful career, a love life but at least I have my passion to develop here... and I am so thankful to meet these lovely people with great talents. Quoting Mbak Windy Ariestianty, instead of acting like someone from the outside of a place, you have to be the person who comes from the inside. You can never enjoy Jakarta if you think it is a cruel city, you just need to embrace her... so that's what I do.



I am not really an organized person. I am a mess. I cannot really keep my credentials together. So I decided to make a website for all my writing works from advertising, editorial to prose, all in one place. That is my portfolio to go! I am so happy. I have got my dad pays this website, such a princess, but yea... I insisted to pay on my own, but then he insisted to cover. Okay then, I took it as "rejeki anak solehah" or "the fortune of a good daughter". I am so happy with this... maybe after this, I want to release my indie novel with nulisbuku :D

Anything that makes me motivated and happy.



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