Note: I guess this is all I have to say about my frustration towards ignorant people who think they have the best life. Some distant friends who turn into different people I no longer know. I really wish you all the best in life. Life is short and I hope you know how to make the best of it and stop fooling yourself.

In front of the camera with such eloquent choreography of smiles
You sure know how to display the pristine of your well-being

You thirst for admiration and long for a spotlight to take care of that expensive imagery to be alive
I guess you forget to cover
The ignorance,
The depth of your soul showing, at shallow surface,
from those photographs
I am sorry to say
That I no longer here
To serve for your entertainment
I guess I am no longer the singing bird who sewn the beautiful dress out of your curtain
I guess I am no longer the colony of rats who turn into the cart which carry your perfect entrance to the ballroom
I am no longer your helping hand
Sometimes my words mean salt
Sometimes it truly means that I am hurting


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