[THROWBACK] Murmuration vol. 2 : Love and Other Drugs

I feel like owing my blog many past updates!

As I mentioned in later post, I am a part of The Murmur House.  I am one of the editors for the journals. I am happy to meet talented young ladies who are taking a strong interest in literature. Despite of being younger than me, they share vast knowledge and mature taste of literature. It is nice to be surrounded with minds alike and their contagious intelligence.

The Murmur House has launched its second journal, entitled, Love and Other Drugs. The launch was held in Kedai, Kemang on May 9th 2015. 

It was a very good time.  I got to meet and greet all the contributors. And also familiar faces, like Ben and Rara, whom I met during meditation week in August 2014; Pangeran and Qowi, both took the stage of UNMASKED ; Fina and husband + Adis, both are my pals from college and Adis happened to be one of the contributors for the 2nd journal; Mecca, Diah and Leni who are my pals from High School, who were driving all the way to Kemang to fulfil my invitation.  It was so nice and intimate.

I read my featured poetry, "Guardhouse" at the event. It is not a strange poem for me as I have read and performed it quite several times, but nevertheless, I could still feel the nerve!

Here is the clip from the launching... and they somehow feature my face in the thumbnail -.- Okay deh.

Kindly get your copies of Murmur House vol. 2: Love and Other Drugs here.
You do not want to miss the voices of Indonesia's emerging writers!


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