Save Your Words

First of all, #LoveWins in the United States. I have an interesting take on that today. A person whom I follow in Twitter, tweeted something nasty about #LoveWins. He's a Malaysian and a Muslim. I am an Indonesian, also a Muslim. We both have different takes on #LoveWins.

Just like Christianity, Islam also has a strong view in regards of LGBT. I first met LGBT people when I was 17, I was just starting college. As a person who grew up in a small town, it was a new experience and almost too much to handle. But I have never ever wanted to discriminate a person by their sexual orientation. I always treat every person equally, regardless, straight or gay—and I can tell I enjoy a person's company if they are a good person. I have many LGBT friends and we get along fine. I hear their personal stories of struggles, of trying to fit in or even losing faith. I put my sympathy. Because, they are also humans.

It went very long, and I knew that I should not even bother to converse with this person. The conversation is just like what I expect to be. Just an awful bigotry really.  He somewhat told me that this conversation happened because Allah needs to speak to me.

Oh, how touching, what a saint. Typical.

Oh, and I though he was a 'she'. Then I checked his twitter once, twice—oh, it's a He. 

Wow, no wonder he needs to talk me through this #partriarchy. If you want to see what was going on kindly visit my twitter page and check on tweets and replies. Grab your popcorn. If you are fasting.... right after iftar.

Religion and God is a sensitive matter, so I do not want to write further, because I do not think I am in the right place to do so. I believe that Allah listens to me and I speak to him in my prayer and shalat. I am an adult. I am responsible for my decisions. So are the LGBT. 

But these bigots, they think they are the messiah, they need to lecture everyone, like we are kids, before the extremists catch us and whip us severely for the punishment. 

Oh, and I have the right poem for that!

Save your words,
Flick holy water on me—crucify my body
Let the leather whips my back—stone me until I bleed blue
Strip and bound me to the pole—where your last bullet pierces deep into my skull

Humiliate the evil and the bad in me,

Rip my chest off and remove the soul within, 
Before He decides to stop my heartbeat himself,

You—who wear the hand of God,

Messiah on a self-assigned mission,

Oh, I beg to you,

Here—In front of the gateway of neraka jahanam
Take me back where I was supposed to be,
Reprimand me,


Save your words,
Take the whole heaven for yourself,

Save your words,

If there's a chance, 
You'd drink my blood out of my severe head from your cup, anyway

Save your words,

"I am not judging you,"
Oh—yes, honey,  you are


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