Pre-note : I have been assigned to make a zine from my boss, so I'll call this exercising prior to the zine writing and watching cool spoken-word video I found across the internet. And I thought hey, I create Top 5 spoken-word videos I watch over the week. That'll be a cool idea.


Maybe I am gullible,
I bought every street-side advertising that screams of free-spirit dan carefree daydreaming,
I seal those words of persuasion as a charm on my neck,
Saving one as a pouch, inside my secret pockets,

You see, I have been raised under submission,
My actions and voices are subjects of constant corrections,

Right now, I am not in need of anyone's instruction,
The road to my destination is long,
But, I am pretty sure I have my own direction,

So, I refuse to let your judgment stick on my skin like a temporary tattoo,
My wealth does not show well in your price tags
That is because I won't justify your labels as my self-reflection,
I won't take any shove of money into my mouth and call it liberation,

I am perfectly fine in my own contemplation,
in between the switch of introversion and extraversion,

I am shifting away from your arrange destruction
Realize this,
That our worlds are not set in the point of collision
So why bother to share me your own prescription

Excuse me,
I am not your little creation.


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