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There were so much going on last week. Not only #TeamPercolate is now 3 years old and that makes me had to do the travel from Kuningan to PIK for barbecue and karaoke night, which was super awesome. I got to speak for June's CreativeMornings. Thanks to Opi a.k.a Rofianisa Nurdin who invited me as speaker. I was surprised and rather not confident if I can deliver the talk. Last month they invited Ary Indra and Lala Bohang, those two have clearly made their mark in the creative industry in Jakarta. Me? Who? Me?

Ayu Meutia Azevy is just a spoken-word enthusiast, who happened to be recently holding an open mic night called "UNMASKED" together with Putri Minangsari and featured other poets. Other than that, she is a plain copywriter. Talking about Jakarta, she has been moving there for 10 months! Well, that's my brutal honesty guys. However, I guess, it will not do such a harm, so I say yes to Opi. Because the theme is Revolution and speakers are allowed to be vulnerable and share their personal opinion about it. Okay I am in.
with Opi, the creative brain of CreativeMornings Jakarta
Performing at CreativeMorning Jakarta

Thanks for Mbak Emmy who hosted the show,
brilliant and friend host!

Of course, I am bringing spoken-word poetry to the stage, with a poem called "5 THINGS I KNOW ABOUT REVOLUTION".  So, I begin to talk on the subject and citing poetry as a revolutionary tool I find to create myself.

And the crowd was fantastic and welcoming. They asked a lot regarding spoken-word and they really want to know when the next UNMASKED will be. I am so thrilled just as much as them. 

I really want to see the Jakarta's poetry scene grows. I swear, when I was in KL last year and entered their poetry scene, it was not as big as today. They managed to invite Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye, and I hope it is our turn the next time.

I would like to thank Lionel from Commongrounds for the amazing coffee, the creativemornings JKT team and audience, especially the young Fabi, who took an amazing B&W shot which I used as my instagram profile pictures.

Yes, I am now activating my social media again.  My IG (@meutiayu) and Twitter (@ayumeutia) are no more ghost town y'all. I mean, everything is in digital now. I work as a copywriter and I need to handle both (and mostly) digital content, so it is weird if I am not digitally active :D

So, yeah, I guess I am going to post a lot more. I have been missing a lot to fill this blog. 

Write more, Ayu. Write more.

Amazing Team and Participant of creativemorning JKT June


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