Note : This has been my favorite spoken-word so far

You're here
Set aside the unsolved questions in your head,
This is real your existence is undeniably true and tangible,
You have made your decisions,

Baby, you are here,
Even though, tangled in between this confusing universe,
Let's promise to continue to write our story into the blank pages,
To color the unpainted blues,
To finish the knitted tales,

You are here,
Reunited with bliss and friendship,
Embracing new-found discovery,
You deserve this,

So tell the little beast inside of you to stay quiet,
Pick her up—and carry her to the bedroom,
Where she can sleep through in peace,
and quit the mind war,

Tell her to strip off the armor,

Place the weapons into a safe hiding,

To dock the overloaded questions,

The ones she cannot bear to silent,

Unlace her shoes—we are safe here,

No more walking,

Even though there are still places you have not been,

But baby you have been here, there and everywhere,
Let's pause and resume,
All you have been asking from the previous year is this—something closer to home

It seems like everybody knows where they are going,

It seems like they are where they are supposed to be,
But where they are now is not where you are supposed to be,


The only travel plan you need to make is to—here

To the core of your heart,
To the rolled sleeve of your shirt where your soul is showing,

To be the guardian of excuses, apology and self-pity,
To be the only reason you keep pushing for persistence,

Here means, you do not have to travel far...
Instead, you dig deeper into where it hurts,
That's the way it is

You are where you are supposed to be—here

When you reach here,
That's the only thing that matters,


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