So I did not post anything for May?


It is true.  I have caught up with my work, which I really enjoy of doing. Sometimes forcing myself to write it is not a good thing too.  After all these years, I have been making writing a big deal in my life, still is but, I guess not anymore.  But I make sure if I have a spare of time and an idea I will write it down. I do not want to force it anymore.

So, Charles Bukowski once said that If you do not have the fire in the gut that tells you to write something, then you better not write anything.

Well, back in 2008, or back in my teenage years, I was obsessed with science-fiction and those were all that I was writing about. They were not anyone's cup of tea but I was happy with it.  One of my successful sci-fi pieces was the Transporter, the idea is about a guy who finds himself can teleport into places he wants. I was inspired by the movie "Jumper", and that makes me wonder where IS Hayden Christensen now?

To be honest, I am not a serious reader as well... I am not into heavy stuffs.  But I gotta admit that I need to expand my references. Lately, I enjoy reading from blogs and social media on topics about life and self-growth.  Nothing like Oprah or Dr.Phil but something light and very inspirational yet modern. Nothing superstitious.

I have always had this fantasy in my head to write about Stockholm Syndrome, but I was afraid It would be trashy.  But then like 8 years later, E.L James went out with her BSDM inspired Fifty Shades of Grey. And it got me thinking, if that woman can write stuffs like that, turns her fantasy into a major success with shameless readers... by the name of Bukowski, I do not mean to add more crap into the world's library, but it is a matter of challenging myself.

Anyway, I will post a first chapter/thought of my story soon in this blog, simultaneously here... and I have contacted a friend of mine to turn this blog into a website. I want to open the website for everybody who likes to share their stories/poems/etc.

It is time!


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