I hate money as much as I hate math. I do not hate math because I think it is complicated, nor I think I am not good at counting--I am okay. It is the way they taught me of the things that count, which are always the number next to the equation mark. It has been always the result, not the winding process to get to the conclusion. It has never been about pain-baring methods of exchanging one formula to another to search for a solution. As long as the numbers on your paper are the same ones to what the teacher keeps in the key answer sheet--you are safe. But I refuse to have an A+ if the challenge requires me to match the numbers, instead of finding my own.

But math is absolute, like me, like my body. It is an existence you can not bend. One plus one equals two. So is my decision to agree and not agree with the solution. Nobody has yet to create a stand on it, unless I write it myself.

I hate to see math, the way people teach me how to count money. They count money by figures in their bank account or wealth appears superficially in the surface, all the watches-swatches and the gold.

While Exam-cheaters makes calculus test look easy, corrupted education make money looks like a comfort. There are more and more people want to escape mediocre life and want to reach all means to correct their own problems by matching their numbers to be the same as the right numbers at the end of calculation.

They forget that before money was comfort, there were hunger and homelessness. They was fragility before strength. Dark descends before light rises. People should believe money as satisfaction if only they can see their hands were bruised everytime they stretch them open. That is wealth. The ability to perceive humilty.

People claim they are smart at math and good with money. I do not believe them. What I hate the most is when they keep feeding me words and thoughts I ought to believe. But, I refuse to be fed by the idiocracy and settle for uniformity because that is where mediocracy stands.


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