#Day 6 Thirty Dirty Poetry - HIRAETH

I have been participating in Thirty Dirty Poetry Closed Group in FB, where all poets
gather and write 30 poems in 30 days.  It has never occurred to me to post all entries in my blog
So here is one of my favorite so far from #Day6

Welcome home,
The house has no host
But you are free to
Have it all to yourself, make yourself comfortable
I hope you do not mind the boxes and old cabinets in your old room
We call it 'transit' for now
Just like you—little bird
Who seems to be lost amongst the flocks but that is OK
We are always here to welcome our tired flyers
Who misses their nests
Welcome home
Remember this house is mighty secured—Pentagon has nothing on this
We have 4 different doors, unlocked by 4 different keys
Before you reach the living room
Please mind
The light will be turned off before late-afternoon
And the all the room upstairs are to be locked by 6pm
Including yours
Welcome home,
The pantry has been moved downstairs
Where the storage was
Somehow, we were able to makeshift the kitchen
They work just fine
We do not place your favorite oven here
It is not that it is energy-consuming and will affect our monthly bill—no
It is just that we no longer have space to accommodate quirky hobbies
and you will learn that when you grow up
I will teach you how to let go things from your youth
and start to bestow life on the reality
so forget poetry!
I will teach you to count your age from your own fingers
Remember the next number after 23 is 30
and here you are single, with questionable professional commitment
(but I am still making money)
but you are moving back, darling...
Now honey
Sit here
I am going to teach you to brew some tea
which just tastes as golden as the Sun
just like he loves it!


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