To Mothers

All girls begin their lives as daughters
Who grow under different roofs
Oriented into different directions

All mothers were daughters

I do not know what your mother has been telling you
Perhaps, she has a slightly different plans than mine

Perhaps, she has adorned you with pretty dresses 
Taught how to braid  hair yourself
Since you were a little
But I had learned to make wings out of eyeliner from an ex-best friend
Perhaps, she keeps you close to home 
to make sure you are not getting hurt one bit
But I am mostly doomed every second 
I forget to tell my mama when I am home after I left office at midnight
She is your best friend,
a safe corner
to whom you do not keep walls in between

 Mine is my best friend
But I keep a transparent wall between me and her
Sometimes I let the curtain fall
Just to make sure she sleeps in peace
Whenever I had to hide so much

Maybe she teaches you lies
But she teaches me how to survive on my own
Perhaps, she was the one who scold you to finish your homework
Ten years later, she stops your education
because she'll be alright the moment you find a man she can fully-trust
to protect you when she is not around
But she 
makes a warrior out of me first

Maybe you fight less with yours,
Maybe I fight more and louder with mine


We have given up
We have grown up
so much
Our love stay
Deep down we know that we love each other so much
It hurts

P.S : Mildly influenced by John Mayer's Daughter, it has successfully helped me to organize what I have wanted to say from clear observation of my feeling living as a daughter
the pressure and the love the same time I have received
In the end I cannot not forget to say Thanks


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